Customs agent

Nesta Shipping is AEO certified. We have extensive knowledge and experience in handling electronic declarations for importing and exporting companies throughout the Netherlands. This prevents waiting times and extra costs in the logistics chain. Our customs agents always seek the best solution for the customer’s problem. By doing this we unburden you and your organization in your logistics chain.

We guarantee quality: Nesta Shipping is AEO certified

At Nesta Shipping we guarantee quality, for both your import documents and export documents. Our expertise and a personal approach ensures tailor-made customs advice. Nesta Shipping is AEO certified (Authorized Economic Operator). This prevents unnecessary costs and saves time.

Experience in logistics services

Nesta Shipping has a lot of experience in logistics services and, in addition to experienced customs agents, offers a large total package of services within the logistics sector. We combine our knowledge of being a shipping agent and our expertise in customs regulations, stevedores, (sea) shipping and road transport.

Contact us

We have been doing business as a logistics service provider for years and it is our passion, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We do not turn our backs on the complex logistics issues that need to be handled correctly and efficiently. Contact us for complimentary advice. We are happy to help you further!

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