Outsourcing of transport and logistics employees

We outsource our skilled, certified and experienced transport and logistics employees. We do this for both short and long-term projects at home and abroad. By doing this, we specifically think along with you for a perfect match for your organization.

Outsourcing of logistics employees: both on- and offshore employable personnel

You can contact us for highly qualified personnel. View our outsourcing offer below or contact us directly for advice.

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Recognized training company in the Transport and Logistics sector

Nesta Shipping is a recognized training company in the Transport and Logistics sector. We offer students the opportunity to gain work experience. Nesta Shipping offers a wide range of internships and graduation projects at various levels. Watch our video here in collaboration with the Transport and Logistics degree program at the Friese Poort in Leeuwarden.

Outsourcing employees in the logistics sector: skilled and certified

All our employees are in possession of a VCA diploma and a first aid certificate. In addition, all Nesta Shipping’s interim employees have the necessary diplomas and certificates to perform all work activities. We also offer necessary training. By doing this we guarantee the quality of our personnel. When outsourcing our employees, they are not limited to the Harlingen region.

Start an outsourcing process at Nesta Shipping

Various companies hire Nesta Shipping staff. Our staff is motivated, skilled, and employable in many different areas, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We do not turn our backs on the complex logistics issues that need to be handled correctly and efficiently. Contact us for complimentary advice. We are happy to help you further!

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