Shipping agent

Nesta Shipping offers experienced and certified shipping agents, both for the port of Harlingen and the ports around the IJsselmeer. Our customer base consists of many shipping companies and charterers. We ensure a correct and efficient handling of the formalities. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Service oriented shipping agent

A high service standard and a personal approach are part of Nesta Shipping’s core values. This concerns the preparation, execution and finishing of all activities concerning ships, cargo and crew.

Already 50 years of experience as a shipping agent

Nesta Shipping has over 50 years of experience as a shipping agent. As a specialist in logistics services, we offer a total package of services. We combine our knowledge of being a shipping agent and our expertise in customs regulations, stevedores, (sea) shipping and road transport. Nesta Shipping is the partner for the entire logistics chain.

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Harlingen: strategic location for the North Sea and IJsselmeer

As a shipping agent, Nesta Shipping provides services for ships in the port of Harlingen and the ports around the IJsselmeer. From Harlingen there are traffic-free connections to the hinterland. Harlingen is also conveniently located in relation to the United Kingdom, Scandinavia and the Baltic States.

Request more information

We have been doing business as a logistics service provider for years and it is our passion, so please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. We do not turn our backs on the complex logistics issues that need to be handled correctly and efficiently. Contact us for complimentary advice. We are happy to help you further!

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